Nemaha Central’s Cole Hermesch made a flying save against Royal Valley.

The photographs accompanying this short story have everything to do with the immense expectation I set for myself and The Heart & Soul of Kansas project. I genuinely feel the project will never be complete without photographs tied to all 105 counties in the state for the audio-visual production. This project, the people of Kansas and the sports they love continue to be at the forefront of my mind.

However, to accomplish that goal, there must be a realization that every time I pick up my camera, there will not always be a long story or a massive gallery of photographs. Some people photographed in such circumstances have wondered why they haven’t seen themselves on the website. Right now, I can only assure them that they have not been forgotten and hope this gallery of photographs will assuage their concerns.

Since July 2020, I have taken photographs related to 41 counties. I assure you there is a plan for the remaining 64. It will be a very busy 2022. I happily live with the certainty of my salvation. The rest of my life is filled with the blessing of hope. My hope at this moment is that you will enjoy these photographs. There will be many more. My thanks to you.

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Jeff Jacobsen has photographed practically every big event the sports world has to offer during a professional career that spans over 52 years. Jacobsen has seen things up close that only a diehard sports fan could in their dreams. His work for the Topeka Capital-Journal, Arizona Republic, Kansas Athletics, Inc., many national publications and now Action Images Photography, Inc., cemented his reputation as one of the nation’s finest sports photographers.

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