Picturing the Power of a Dream

With the inception of this website in the summer of 2020, I asked viewers to consider “The Heart & Soul of Kansas Sports” and the goal of a grand multimedia documentary. I asked people to believe in a dream. The problem with dreams is that they are often hard to explain. What seemed so clear in my mind could be abstract and veiled for others. I asked people to financially support me when all I had at the time was the belief that the people of Kansas and the uniting power of sports would be worthy of their financial support. 

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Several people sensed my dreams to be worthy of their assistance. Their financial foundation carried me and my work through the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

I am asking you to please donate to this worthy project. With gas prices soaring at a critical time in my travels, camera equipment wearing down and the cost involved in the final production of the multimedia presentation, I cannot be more thankful for my contributors. However, I must hope and pray that others will step forward. 

Through the Action Images Photography, Inc. website, I have been able to detail for people the powerful photographs and the stories behind “The Heart & Soul of Kansas Sports” that will be showcased in the multimedia show. These images and stories capture the joys, sorrows, beauty, and inspiring moments as Kansans of all ages compete for the purest enjoyment and satisfaction in all 105 counties.

I can give an account of how much this project means to the athletes and their fans throughout the state. Many athletes, schools, teams, parents and fans have used two of the most powerful words in any language by simply saying “thank you.”

There are still many counties for me to visit, but that will be completed. Video interviews with the people who are part of the story will detail their love of sports and their journey through these dramatic times will add depth to the final show along with the natural sound, professional voice-over and music. 

Finally, there will be a series of free day-long photographic seminars throughout the state designed to allow me to help anyone interested in improving their photography, with special emphasis on high school and college photographers – the future of photography

Please use either of the contribution links on the website to continue to make this dream a reality. I believe with all my heart that with your help the final documentary will be something you will be proud to say you helped complete.

What Kansans are saying about ‘Heart & Soul’

As Jeff Jacobsen visits the state’s 105 counties his photographs are creating memories across generations

Jeff Jacobsen has photographed practically every big event the sports world has to offer during a professional career that spans over 54 years. Jacobsen has seen things up close that only a diehard sports fan could in their dreams. His work for the Topeka Capital-Journal, Arizona Republic, Kansas Athletics, Inc., many national publications and now Action Images Photography, Inc., cemented his reputation as one of the nation’s finest sports photographers.

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