The bizarre-looking photographs that highlight this story come from a simple feeling. Sometimes this photographer just wants to have fun. With shutter speeds ranging from 1/80th to 1/10th a second, the use of a panning motion with the camera captured the streaking movement of the athletes and dance team.

Considering all the aspects of the visual presentation needed for the final The Heart & Soul of Kansas Sports presentation, techniques like this provide variety. Additionally, every photograph was treated to a grunge filter to further enrich the images.

The state regional-round high school game between the Silver Lake Eagles and host St. Mary’s Bears took place along an athletically super-charged 20-mile stretch of Highway 24 east of Topeka that also contains Rossville High School. The game filled with hard hits and big plays was not decided until midway through the fourth quarter when the Eagles finally took flight for a 51-36 victory on November 5.

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